Cava Romana Srl is located close to Aurisina and is the oldest and most famous of the karst quarries, and is, in every respect, the most important.
Our company has established itself over the years as a leader in the field of the excavation, extraction and processing of marble.
Today, as a result of the preference shown by planners, architects, designers and artists from around the for our marble, we can proudly boast the consolidation of this leadership. Today our marbles are found in the most prestigious buildings in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, New York, London, New Delhi, India, Korea, Taiwan, Jakarta, Mexico.


The Cava Romana has its own premises, with a showroom and a workshop covering 20000 square metres, where, with its highly qualified staff and technologically cutting edge machinery, the stones quarried on site are processed and transformed into the finest product of its kind.


Our daily goal is to ensure the quality and beauty of our products, providing our customers with a service that meets the most demanding requirements.

"We are the result of what we do day-to-day, because Excellence is not an act but a habit".